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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
- Illustrator
- Gamer
- Desert dweller at heart
- Cosplayer
- Villain-in-training
- also known as necroMatador
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Critical Hit Podcast
  • Playing: Dragon Age or Minecraft probably


Mafia Tiefling by CheshireCatGrin
Mafia Tiefling

And the lesson here is: don’t give me any excuses ever, even vague possibilities of things to come, to make a new Tiefling.  

This lesson also applies to: Minotaurs, Dragonborn.  I don’t need more of them, please.

I gave him the “Clever Tail” feat too, so he gets a prehensile tail that can even use Thieves’ Tools should I need/want.  And I really want him to get to Paragon because the path “Hell’s Keeper” has a move called “To Hell With You” and I really really really like that.

Reverence glows silver when he uses his divine powers.  IDK which god he serves even.  He’s Lawful-Good though.  Or Lawful at least, we’ll see how things go with that.

8152015 - SecretKing by CheshireCatGrin
8152015 - SecretKing

Secret king.

We found a contingent of frozen-to-death hill dwarves on our way through what used to be an impassable blizzard to find a legendary kenku city in the mountains.

One of them had a crown.  Hill dwarves in this setting pass their rule through their crown, whoever wears the crown has the right to rule.

Aeron nabbed that shit so fast.  Went to wear it, but realized that meant people could see it to challenge me for it.  Tucked it in my bag to still have it, but to not get challenged.

Secret king.

Aeron Merla the Kenku Warlock by CheshireCatGrin
Aeron Merla the Kenku Warlock

He’s so pretty~

He didn’t have that white patch on his butt before the whole…warlock pact thing.  And the whole being revived from the dead by an eldritch monstrosity from the farthest darkest abyss between the stars…thing.  He’s going grey, haha.

He’s originally a mix between a Collared Crow and a Eurasian Magpie, but I’ve been considering the idea of him going slowly white the longer he’s under his pact/a revenant so eventually he’d start resembling an Australian Magpie (not actually a magpie, but still) or a Hooded Crow too.

Borderlands-imals Set 1 by CheshireCatGrin
Borderlands-imals Set 1
What am I even doing with my life.

Lilith = Scarlet Macaw
Mordecai = Crested Hawk-Eagle
Rhys = Great Blue Heron
Vaughn = Kangaroo Rat

For the complete (ish) list, see my tumblr here.
Charlie Redclyffe by CheshireCatGrin
Charlie Redclyffe
My Vault Hunter 'sona (member of the Crimson Raiders, ex-Hyperion engineer/sharpshooter, and only a Vault Hunter in the sense that they help looking for a Vault and they kind of turn into one after the events of BL2).  In and out of uniform!

Uniform can glow (the stripes can anyway, and the storage deck and shield of course).  Outfit was specifically modelled after Zer0 because Zer0 saved their life and they have a bit of a hero thing going on.  Lost their arm and eye (and a good gun) to a Thresher.  Experimental ECHO-eye thanks to previous employer, Hyperion (also to thank for the rad boots, and in a way for the gauntlet on the non-robot arm which was fashioned from a broken Loader).

Usual inventory:

  • Dandy Rakehell (electric sniper rifle)
  • Gentlemen’s Corinthian (corrosive sniper rifle)
  • Maximized Leverage (incendiary pistol)
  • Deadshot Longrider (shotgun)
  • Lobbed Slag Singularity Grenade Mod
  • Homing Sticky MIRV Grenade Mod (for emergencies)
  • Adaptive Shield (exact build varies)
  • Stockpile Relic (+50% Sniper Rifle ammo, +50% Pistol ammo)
  • A class mod I have not come up with yet

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