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United States
- Illustrator
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- Desert dweller at heart
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- also known as necroMatador
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Locations1 by CheshireCatGrin


  • Up top we’ve got one of the massive monolith gateways for the bridges in the split city of Parthaethwidge, Qirelind.  Parthaethwidge stands on two sides of an enormous natural channel between the two sections of Qirelind and is connected by a network of huge bridges BUT these bridges also have drawbridges at strategic places because the channel is a bit of a time-saving shortcut to ships trying to go up and down the eastern coast of the continent.
  • Below that we have Guildmount, the Gilded Mountain, home of the Golden Temple, and capital of Volor.  Tallest mountain in the country of Volor, and it’s separated into the rings labelled above.  The Golden Temple was a popular pilgrimage destination and the city grew around it.  The entire mountain is honeycombed by tunnels, buildings, and roads carved into the stone by the best of dwarven stonemasons and stonecutters (to avoid screwing up its structural integrity).
  • To the left below that we have the Glaziery District of the Dragonborn city Ursand.  Since it’s founded and almost exclusively inhabited by Dragonborn, and also in the middle of a section of desert, the things I thought about its design were 1) dragon caves, and thus 2) cliff village carved into and built onto the enormous wind-worn stones uncovered and shaped by the weather.  Growing up in Arizona, the first thing that popped into my mind were the Pueblo cliff villages, but I also looked at the Cliff of Bandiagara in Africa, the ruins of Petra, and a bunch of cities in Italy and Spain.  The Glaziery District is a decent distance from the main city (which is more colorful and less industrial) due to the smoke from the kilns and furnaces.  (Cliff cities from China that are more built onto the cliffs than carved into them will figure in the architecture of the Harpy city, Mok.  I love cliff cities.)
  • And finally, the shop front of the Sleeping Snake Chemist shop, found in the Low Market of Guildmount.  It’s small and along the side of one of the lowest roads leading into the mountain, so it’s built directly into the mountain stone except for the face of the store which was imported bricks, wood, and window.
Dragonborns by CheshireCatGrin

All the dragon losers of mine!

Faeryx “Of the Clutch with Powerful Voices” OldSongs, a green dragonborn lore bard.  Poison tongue, literally and figuratively.  She’s from a long line of draconic storytellers who keep the oral traditions of the Dragonborn peoples alive.  She’s also a decent pickpocket, so if you’re not careful she can relieve you of your woes and your coin purse.  Missing a finger because of a botched early attempt at pick-pocketing.  She’s the only one in the group who grew up most of her life in Ursand (or wherever dragonborn are from in whatever setting I end up playing her in if ever) so she tends more towards the cultural clothing of the Dragonborn than the others.  Bright colors, bold patterns, loose fabric, accents with glass worked in somehow (like her belt buckle).

Kraithas “Of the Clutch Whose Words Cut the Glass of the Heavens and the Clutch with Fury Hotter than the Fires of the Hells” CopperGlass, a copper dragonborn assassin.  Grew up as part of a travelling merchant caravan and eventually stayed in Guildmont, capital of Volor, as a representative of his family’s business in the major guilds.  He now runs their storefront location, CopperGlass Glaziery, and is also (secretly of course) a member of the Viper’s Pit assassins guild.

Ori-Xiros, a blue dragonborn draconic sorcerer.  A rare dragonborn who hatched/was born with vestigial wings and a tail.  He grew up orphaned on the streets of a large city as part of a small gang of urchins, running cons and just generally trying to scrape by.  Eventually another shady type individual told him that the arcane talent he had been rudimentarily using to run cons was actually a sign of him being a sorcerer, and that if he was a draconic sorcerer (probably, being a dragonborn) he could be very powerful.  Also something something becoming more like his ancestral dragon something somethingactual flight-worthy wings…aaaaaand he was hooked.

2252015 - Faeryx and Kesh by CheshireCatGrin
2252015 - Faeryx and Kesh

My two new bard children.

Faeryx “Of-The-Clutch-With-Powerful-Voices” OldSongs the green dragonborn.  With a literal and figurative poison tongue, she can talk you to death.  An entertainer who sets up in towns performing tricks, stories, poems, and songs…and also fleecing people out of their coin via pickpocket or sleight of hand.

Salakesh “Kesh” Marivaldi the half-orc.  Could probably be grey-er.  Part of a well-to-do merchant family…sort of.  An illegitimate child, he decided that he didn’t owe nobody no thing and left to be an entertainer.  He fancies himself a warrior-poet.  His opponents find him terrifying, mostly because “warrior-poet” in his case means “swinging enormous weapons at people while shouting poetry in a very frenetic manner”.

2212015 - QPBabies by CheshireCatGrin
2212015 - QPBabies
As I get more and more tired I get less and less able to keep from drawing these losers as the adorable queerplatonic dorks they are.

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